fix irql not less or equal in windows 10

[FIX] IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL – Windows 10 Easy

This is a complete and easy guide to solve the annoying “IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL” BSOD (Blue screen of death) in Windows 10. (This is also applicable for “Driver IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL” error.) What triggers “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” error? Before solving this type of error, you should know first the root cause of this […]
fix discord stuck on RTC connecting

How to Fix Discord Stuck on ‘RTC Connecting’ (2021)

Is Discord stuck on ‘RTC connecting’? I know it is frustrating to just look at the screen seeing this kind of error when you want to play games with your friends. Don’t worry, you are not alone there. There are a lot of people who are already complaining about this issue. But the good news […]
Solved We couldn't connect to the update service

[Solved] We Couldn’t Connect to the Update Service in Windows 10

You are connected to the internet but you get the following error when running Windows 10 update: “We couldn’t connect to the update service. We’ll try again later, or you can check now. If it still doesn’t work, make sure you’re connected to the Internet.” If this is the case, then this guide is for […]
Microsoft Edge Surf game Cheats Easter Eggs New

Microsoft Edge Surf Game Cheats & Easter Eggs (New)

No internet connection but you’re bored? Then, it is the perfect time for you to try the Microsoft Edge Surf game Cheats & Easter Eggs! Plenty of new features and three latest gaming modes are also embedded in the Chromium-based Web browser. What to Know? The fun part is that you can enjoy all of […]
how to show upload download speed on status bar android

How to Show Upload/Download Speed on Status Bar [Android]

In this guide, I will tell you how to enable the internet speed meter on your android device’s status bar. With or Without using an app, Like this: Internet speed meter notification will show you the upload and download speeds in real-time on your android device’s (smartphone/tablet) status bar. So it is a good feature […]
fix droidcam no device detected usb

How to Fix No Device Detected Error on DroidCam PC

Having trouble whenever the “no device detected” error appears on DroidCam PC client when you connect to your Android device via USB? Worry no more ‘cause this guide got you covered! Not just that, this guide is also suitable for any Android device and any Windows Operating System. Let’s get started! How to Fix DroidCam […]
how to enable windows 10 auto login

How to Enable Windows 10 Auto Login Feature in 2021

Windows 10 auto login feature allows you to log in to Windows 10 without typing your user name and password. This feature is very useful if you are using your computer in a safe space where you don’t need to type passwords every time you log in to Windows 10. In the previous versions of […]
How to delete files permanently from Windows

How to Delete Files Permanently in Windows (2021)

There are 2 ways you can permanently delete files from your Windows (10, 8, 7) computer. One is to delete the files and remove them from the recycle bin, and the other way is to permanently delete files from your computer using a third party shredder software. Deleting a file in Windows is different from […]
How To Create Strong Passwords You Can (Easily) Remember

How to Create Strong Passwords You Can (Easily) Remember

To end the nightmare of forgetting passwords, there are only two ways: the first one is to create strong passwords that you can remember and make it different for each and every account you create, and the other way is to use a reliable password manager so it will remember the passwords for you. Since […]
Password Box At Login Screen Is Automatically Filled With Dots

5 Ways to Solve Password Box at Login Screen is Automatically Filled with Dots

You are here because when you turn on your computer, you cannot login due to the password box at login screen is automatically filled with dots, right? You may be reading this guide on your mobile device or other device because you cannot log in to your computer. And yes, I know how frustrating it […]