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The Run Dialog box in Windows 10

Windows is the most popular Operating System among other Operating Systems in the world right now. There is this one feature that Windows keep in their Operating System since the time they have started and it is the Run Dialog Box.

There is no doubt that you have seen this Run Dialog Box so many times and it may have helped you a lot when it comes to troubleshooting Windows errors, bugs, etc. But, did you know the actual use of Run Dialog Box? Let’s find that out!

Uses of the Run Dialog Box

It is simple. The Run Dialog Box is used to open programs, Windows applications, files, and even web pages that are known.

One of the most important uses of the Run Dialog Box is that it is used to open these programs in Windows:

  • Command prompt
  • System configuration settings
  • Registry editor
  • Directx diagnostic tool
  • Temporary folder

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How to Open the Run Dialog Box

There are a few ways to open the Run Dialog Box.

1 — Keyboard shortcut

When not inside a Window, Press “Windows key + R” to open the Run dialog box

Keyboard shortcut

2 – From Windows search

In the Windows search bar, type “Run“. It will make the Run Dialog Box pop out.

Windows search

Useful Run Commands

Here, I have brought the most used Run commands that may be useful to you. Feel free to mark this page.

CommandUseWhat can do
cmdRun the Command promptExecute command lines
controlOpen control panelChange Windows settings
msconfigopen System Configuration1. Startup selection
2. Boot options
3. Enable/disable services
4. Open useful tools
sysdm.cplAccess Windows system properties1. Change Windows performance
2. Change virtual memory
3. Other system tweaks
resmonopen Windows resource monitorMonitor Computer resources
(CPU/RAM/GPU, etc)
msinfo32Open system informationView system information
regeditAccess Windows registry editor1. Change registry records
2. Add registry records
3. Delete registry records
powercfg.cplOpen Windows power options1. Change power settings
2. Increase/decrease performance
%temp%Open Windows temporary folderDelete unnecessary temporary files and
optimize windows
dxdiagOpen DirectX diagnostic tool1. View System information
2. Diagnose sounds, Display and inputs
mrtRun Windows Malicious Software Removal ToolScan & Remove malicious apps
devmgmt.mscOpen Device manager1. View computer devices
2. Enable/disable devices
3. Update devices
services.mscAccess Windows services1. Enable/disable services
2. Set/remove services from startup
A handy table of Run Commands & their uses

Brief History of Run Dialog Box

Run command in Gnome
Image from Wikipedia

The Run Dialog Box. or also known as “Windows Run”, “Run Command” was officially released with Windows 95. Till then, the uses and its interface has changed over the years and now it has become an essential feature of Windows Operating Systems.

Although it is called Window Run, the “Run command” is not something very unique to the Windows Operating Systems. It is also a feature in Unix-based Operating Systems.

More information – Wikipedia

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