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Do you want to know how to make animated stickers for WhatsApp on your Android/iOS device but don’t know how to do it? Maybe you tried a bunch of different apps and all of them didn’t work.

Well, in that case I’m glad to tell you that you are in the right place! I will help you create your own animated stickers for WhatsApp easily in only takes 2 minutes or even less than that! All you need to do is to follow the steps I have enumerated below so you can come up with your own animated stickers that you can send to your friends right away and make your chatting experience fun and friendlier.

Who wouldn’t agree that chatting with stickers is fun. And, what makes it more entertaining is that animated stickers, unlike GIF, don’t need to be tapped each time you use them. Simply put, animated stickers are played automatically so it’s easier to use them.

Before scrolling down, refer to the Table of Contents to find out the method on how to make animated stickers depending on the type of your device. If you are an iOS user, go to iOS guide from here.

Make Animated Stickers for WhatsApp – Android

Android users can easily make animated stickers using an Android App called “Animated Sticker Maker“. You can use GIF or video files to make animated stickers for WhatsApp using this app.

Make animated stickers using Animated Sticker Maker

Animated Sticker Maker is a great app to make animated stickers for WhatsApp. You can create a sticker pack of your own and add stickers to the pack you create and use them in chatting. As I said earlier, this app allows you to make animated stickers using GIFs or videos. You can also discover stickers created by other users – which is great when finding awesome stickers.

To make animated stickers, download and install Animated Sticker Maker from Google Playstore.

After that, open and follow the steps below to make awesome animated stickers using Animated Sticker Maker app.

Open the app and create a sticker pack

Before making animated stickers, you need to create a sticker pack. You can create a sticker pack by tapping the plus (+) sign icon on the bottom of you Android device screen.

And then, you will be asked to allow access to the storage. You must hit allow so you can make stickers and add them to WhatsApp. If you want, you can simply disable this once you added stickers to WhatsApp.

Don’t forget to give a name to your sticker pack and provide your name as well for the author’s name. The author’s name will show up in the community section once you create the sticker pack. If you don’t like your real name to be shown under Community tab, just give a made-up name then. After which, tap on the “CREATE” button to create the sticker pack.

Import a file to make new animated sticker

Once you create sticker pack, you can add files when you are inside a sticker pack to make animated stickers. To do that, tap on the “+” sign icon from the bottom right corner of your device.

A list of methods will now show up and you can choose from the list of methods whenever you are going to import a file. If you have a video file, you can use it there. If you don’t have any video file or GIF file, you can import your desired GIF online from GIPHY database.

Since I don’t have any video file to create a new sticker, I will choose the “Import GIF Online” option.

Edit the Video/GIF you imported and hit save

After you import a file, you can edit what you imported. You can use these options to edit the sticker:

  • Background Eraser – You can erase the background of the video/GIf you imported. This app use a third party online service to automatically remove the background.; therefore, you need to have internet access to do this.
  • Crop: You can crop the animated sticker using the Crop tool
  • Write: You can add a text that matches your sticker.

For the purpose of this guide, I will just add a text to the sticker I have created and save it by tapping the Save button on top left corner.

Add the sticker pack to WhatsApp

Once you’re done editing the sticker you created, you can tap save from the top left corner. The app will convert the file you imported into a sticker.

When the conversion process is done, you can add the sticker pack to WhatsApp easily using the “ADD TO WHATSAPP” option.

Note: This app require the latest version of WhatsApp (Version or above) to add stickers. It may not work if your WhatsApp version is old which means, if any error occur, update your WhatsApp to its latest version available on Play Store.

After updating my WhatsApp version, I restarted the app and successfully added the stickers I have created on WhatsApp.

Now, you can go to WhatsApp to check if the sticker pack you made is added. If it is not added, then try to check for any WhatsApp updates on Playstore and retry adding the sticker pack.

Enjoy using the animated stickers you created!

Booyah! You have finally created the animated stickers and added them successfully to WhatsApp. Now, you need to check whether the stickers have been added to the WhatsApp. To do that, open one of your WhatsApp chats, go to stickers and check whether the stickers are added to your sticker section.

How to Make Animated Stickers for WhatsApp – iOS

Woman typing on mobile phone

Now, iOS users, like Android users, can also create personalized animated stickers for WhatsApp. If you are an iOS user, you only have to install the app called “Sticker.ly” and start making amazing animated stickers on your own!

Sticker.ly also has a community where stickers are being added by its users every day! Also, you can use GIF, text or video to make animated stickers for WhatsApp using this friendly sticker maker app.

As the first step, download Sticker.ly from Appstore and follow the steps below to create animated stickers.

Open Sticker.ly and select animated sticker

Once installed, open the app and tap on the plus (“+”) sign icon on bottom of the screen to create a new sticker.

Then, make sure to select the “animated” option to create a new animated sticker.

Choose a media file to create animated stickers

After, you can choose a media file to create animated stickers. You can select a media file on your device or use a GIF from Tenor GIF database. Moreover, you can even make fantastic animated text stickers.

Since I don’t have a good enough media file on my device, I will make a sticker using a GIF from Tenor.

Edit the sticker you have created

Once you selected a media file to create a sticker, you can edit it from the editing window. In here, you can remove the background or crop the sticker. You can leave this if you don’t want to edit the sticker and tap on “next” from the top right portion of the window.

Add Tags and add the sticker to a sticker pack

Tags are not necessary if you don’t want to add the sticker to the community but, you can add them if you want. After that tap on “Save“.

The app will ask you to add the sticker you created to a Sticker pack. If you haven’t created a sticker pack yet, you can simply make one by clicking the “+New Pack” option.

Give a name to the Sticker pack and tap save

You have to give a name to the sticker pack and a name for its creator. You can also let others find your sticker pack by allowing search option. If you don’t like to, just disable the Allow search and tap on “Create” to make the sticker pack and assign the sticker you created.

Add the sticker to WhatsApp

Now, you can add your sticker pack or the sticker you created to WhatsApp and freely use it. To add a Sticker pack, you need to have at least 3 stickers inside the sticker pack.

For your sticker to be added on WhatsApp, choose the sticker you want to add first and after that, select “Add to WhatsApp“. After you completed these simple steps, you can go to WhatsApp and check if the sticker is working.

Note: Leave a comment if you have any trouble adding stickers to WhatsApp.

How to Get Animated Stickers for WhatsApp (Android/iOS)

If you want to get animated stickers rather than creating them yourself, these are the options where you can get animated stickers for WhatsApp.

Get animated/non-animated stickers from Playstore (Android)

Play Store has a lot of apps that have tons of pre-made animated stickers and non-animated stickers you can download and add to WhatsApp. Here, I have listed 6 apps that have awesome stickers:

Get animated/non-animated stickers from Apple Store (iOS)

If you are an iOS user, here are the apps that you can use to add animated/non-animated stickers to WhatsApp:

Have you got better apps than these? Leave a comment below so I can update this guide to give the best to the readers.

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