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It can be be tricky to change taskbar color in Windows 10. But once you read this it will be easy like a piece of cake. All you need to do is do the steps as described below.

Easily change taskbar color in windows 10


how to change Taskbar color in windows 10
Taskbar colors

This article contain;
How to change taskbar color in windows 10
How to change Start menu color in windows 10
Fixes for some rare issues causing Taskbar/Start menu colors not changing

Did you try to change the taskbar color or start menu color in your windows 10 computer but don’t know how to do and you ended up getting this?

Option not available to change

Or you did change the colors of taskbar and Start menu but it doesn’t work?

Then this guide will solve your problem in under 2 minutes!

change taskbar color in Windows 10 is little bit tricky from other windows versions. So we will show you a simple and quick step by step guide to change your windows 10 taskbar and start menu color.

And also there are some issues we have found on the internet that taskbar color and start menu color won’t change. If you have that problem too, We have given few solutions for that too..

Note: First make sure your windows 10 is activated

How to change taskbar color Windows 10 – Step by step

How do you customize taskbar? Here are the steps. Just go along with me!

Click on start >> Settings ( Or press windows button + I )


Start > Settings

Go to Personalization


Settings Page

Once open Windows settings, go to Personalization.

On the left side, click on Colors


Personalization page

Choose Dark or Custom color preset. Don’t choose Light color preset.

Available color presets. Don’t Choose Light color

If you choose Light color preset then you won’t be able to change the taskbar color!

If you choose Dark color preset;

Every windows app will look like this.

step 4-1.jpg
How dark color will look like

If you choose Custom color;

You must keep default windows mode to dark! But you can choose default app mode as you want.

After choosing color preset scroll down and check the box, Start, Taskbar and action center“.

step 5
Color has changed immediately

Select which color you want to set for the taskbar.

you can also choose your desktop background image color as the taskbar color by selecting Automatically pick an accent color of my background And remember that, Start menu and action center will also be changed so no need to reselect anything.

step 6
Choose your favorite color from the color palate
step 6-1.jpg
Change your taskbar color according to the “Desktop Background Color”

That is all you need to do to change taskbar color and start menu on your windows 10 PC!

Why my Taskbar/Start Menu color won’t change.

If your taskbar color did not change even after doing above steps, these things may helpful you to fix the issue.

1. Restart your pc

2. Disable Transparency effects

disable-transparency effects.jpg

3. Set your current theme to default.

Go to the personalization page and click on “Themes”. Then choose one of default windows themes to see whether your problem is solved


4. Disable automatic selection of accent color

5. Disable color filter in Ease of Access

Go settings > Ease of Access > color filters and disable if it is turned on.

Start > Settings > Ease of access

6. Disable Night light in taskbar


*Disable night color in notification panel


That’s it. We think now your problem is solved. If you are still struggling to change taskbar in Windows 10 we have made a quick tutorial just for you with some more customization tips! Watch the video from below!

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