No internet connection but you’re bored? Then, it is the perfect time for you to try the Microsoft Edge Surf game Cheats & Easter Eggs! Plenty of new features and three latest gaming modes are also embedded in the Chromium-based Web browser.

What to Know?

The fun part is that you can enjoy all of these without the need to worry about internet connection and speed because the game works offline on any page like Chrome T-rex (chrome://dino has additional arcade mode). What’s more appealing is that accessing this game is not a pain in the neck for it only requires a simple URL to be encoded in the address/search bar which is edge://surf. Go ahead and try it!

The Konami Code

As the game’s up-to-date addition, it has received an interesting avatar which is called Ninjacat. This character can be obtained by striking out an undisclosed code, which appears to be an honor to Kazuhisa Hashimoto, a Japanese video game developer and also the man behind Konami Code, a cheat code used in several video games typically granting the player extra lives or other aids, and which has also become pervasive as an Easter egg in popular culture.

How to Surf

For those of you who have played this game, you know that losing comes inevitable whenever you reach more or less 1000 m, right? Irritating as it sounds, however, you also know that your purpose is to surf as far as possible without crashing onto the various hindrances in the game such as corals, buoys, and other surfers. Hence, you are given three lives to play it strategically and reach the farthest distance that you can.

Microsoft Edge Surf Game Cheats & Easter Eggs!

Without further ado, lets dive in!

Hidden Mini Surf Game on Desktop

If you’re a desktop user, hold down the CTRL key and just scroll the middle mouse button if you intend to zoom out. You can take it up to at least 50% to get a better vision of what is in the game. Once you have zoomed it out according to your preference, you can now choose the character of your taste. To do that, simply follow the instructions that will appear on your screen then hit Enter to start playing.

Hidden Mini Surf Game on Laptop

Playing the game on a laptop without using a mouse is also not a problem. Pinch the touchpad inward; if that didn’t work, click the three-dot button on the top corner of Edge and click the – or + till you come up with the zoom rate you want. Other than these simple instructions, also remember that the left and right arrows rule direction, while the spacebar caters the ability to perform tricks to evade the obstacles as you immerse yourself in the game.

The Ninjacat Character (Easter Egg 1)

Many of you know that Ninjacat has been part of Windows 10 OS, but only as an emoji. Windows insiders and fans have broadly used the character to create Ninjacat wallpapers. So, to speak, the character has been the latest addition in the Surf mini-game, but the character doesn’t appear straightforwardly. Therefore, as a player, you can think of it as an Easter Egg, inside another Easter Egg. For you to have an access to the Ninjacat character inside the Edge Surf mini-game, using a secret code on the game page (URL when online) or on any page when not connected to the Internet (similar to Chrome’s offline or no connectivity page) comes as a requirement.

Secret Code!

Same with how most, if not all, games operate, for you to play as the Ninjacat character, you must first start the game. Once the game begins, do not enter the default playing keys, like the left and right arrow keys, and spacebar. Furthermore, keep your fingers away from any buttons on the Mouse. In its place, press the following keys in the precise sequence speedily: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, b, a (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → ba). The browser self-confirms the keys entered and changes the character. It is vital to note that any score made with Ninjacat avatar is not documented.

Must Check-out!

Microsoft has launched the Surf mini-game in the new Edge browser in version 82.0.423.3. However, the general availability of the game was not confirmed. To cut the chase, the Surf mini-has just been disseminated gradually, and many users might not have received the same. There’s only a single way to confirm if the game is available on your device and that is to enter the URL mentioned earlier and hit Enter. If it’s present, then the mini-game will launch right away in your Edge Browser tab.

Konami Code in Opera

What’s catchier about the dual Easter Eggs is the fact that the code required to enter the mini-game is identified as the Konami Code. This is deemed so important to launch the game and to select actions to gain benefits. Not long ago, Opera, another popular web browser, has permitted its users to enable power user settings through the Konami Code.

How to Become an Octopus in the Game (Easter Egg 2)

Again, your character choice is all up to you. If you want a Ninjacat character, you will be in need of a code; the code is also mentioned earlier in this article. However, if you want to try out another character like an octopus, it cannot be guaranteed that you can become an octopus once you have chosen to be a Ninjacat. Still, you can bet your luck in the game. As you start your surfing adventure, you have to meticulously move and take small turns so you won’t hit any obstacles. You should turn to the extreme left and after some time, you will notice a certain place in the game; stay in the middle and wait for 5 or 10 seconds.

Octopus’ Great Enemy (What to Avoid)

The wait is over! After only 5 or 10 seconds, you have become an octopus! With that newly acquired character, you can break any fences, rocks, and other things without the need to give the slightest worry whether these obstacles are huge or small or if you may lose a game life. In fact, you can even make other people/surfers that are near you fall. But, becoming an octopus in the game doesn’t equate to immortality because the sandbars are your biggest enemy; watch out for those so you won’t lose a life. Also, your score won’t be saved if you are an octopus.

Surf Now and Reach the Farthest Distance

Have you tried surfing using these tricks? If you haven’t, try them now and bring your surfing adventure to a whole new level. Beat the obstacles, reach the farthest distance, and be the best surfer that you can be!

Show us some love by leaving your comments below. Best regards!

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In this guide, I will tell you how to enable the internet speed meter on your android device’s status bar. With or Without using an app, Like this:

Internet speed meter notification will show you the upload and download speeds in real-time on your android device’s (smartphone/tablet) status bar.

So it is a good feature to enable especially if you are more considerate about the amount of data consumed by your smart android device.

Let’s get started.

Enable Speed Meter Notificaiton Without Using Apps

A lot of smartphone UIs now have the speed meter notification feature. So you don’t need an app to be installed to enable this feature. But the question is

How to enable this?

So here’s what you need to do:

  • Head over to your device’s settings
  • Go to notification settings
  • Go to status bar
  • Enable speed meter notificaiton.

After you enable the feature. The internet speed meter notification will start to appear on your device’s status bar.

But what if you did not find the speed meter feature?

That is sad. But wait! There is an answer.

You can use a simple tiny app to enable internet speed meter notification. Continue reading!

Enable Speed Meter Notificaion Using an App

There are several internet speed meter apps out there. But you don’t need to go through every app to figure out what is best. I have already found one of the best for you.

(I have also included alternatives at the end of this guide in case you need them)

It is the “Internet Speed Meter Lite“.

This app is free to download and easy to use. Even more, it works perfectly with almost any device.

Here is how to enable the notification using Internet Speed Meter Lite;

  1. Download Internet Speed Meter Lite app from playstore
  2. Open it

Now the internet speed meter will show up on your device’s status bar.

But this is not enough! Because it only shows overall “speed”. Not the upload/download speed separately. Let’s see how to fix that.

And some other cool features too!

Internet Speed Meter Lite Advanced Settings

01 Show Up/Down speeds seperately

To see the upload/download speed separately, you have to change settings in the app. Here is how to do that;

Open Internet Speed Meter Lite and go to its preferences from the top right corner (three dots). Then, select “Show Up/Down Speed“.

Also, you can hide the speed meter on the lock screen by selecting the “Hide Lock Screen Notification” option.

02 Disable Background Restrictions to work the speed notificaion properly

Internet Speed meter lite works great. But it will not show the speeds sometimes. Because of your device’s battery optimization settings.

Therefore, to prevent that from happening, you have to disable background restrictions for the Internet Speed Meter Lite app.

Here is how to do that;

  1. Open Internet Speed Meter Lite app
  2. Go to preferences
  3. Go to Advanced Settings
  4. Tap on “Add to Whitelist”

Then it will take you to your device’s battery settings. You can disable battery optimizations for Internet Speed Meter Lite in there.

After disabling background restrictions, you will see a green mark in the Advanced settings of the app. Now it will work fine without any problems.

This is a bonus tip you will need in the future! If the internet speed meter lite doesn’t work well, you can do the following to fix it.

  1. Go to your device’s settings
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Select Internet Speed Meter Lite
  4. Clear Data

Alternative Apps to Internet Speed Meter Lite

alternatives to internet speed meter lite

Internet Speed Meter Lite is great. But you can try other apps too! (especially if it does not work for you) Here is a list of alternatives to Internet Speed Meter Lite.

  • Internet Speed Meter – 5M Downloads
  • NetSpeed Indicator – 1M Downloads
  • Internet Speed Meter Live – 1M Downloads
  • Speed Indicator Free – 500K Downloads

Which method worked for you? Leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends!

There are 2 ways you can permanently delete files from your Windows (10, 8, 7) computer. One is to delete the files and remove them from the recycle bin, and the other way is to permanently delete files from your computer using a third party shredder software.

Deleting a file in Windows is different from what you think.

If you delete a file from your computer and even you empty the recycle bin, the file will not be deleted permanently. Instead, the file’s address or its cluster location will only be deleted and until new data is replaced in that cluster, your file will remain there.

This is the reason why you need to remove the file from its cluster by replacing new data in order to prevent the file from recovering. Mainly, this is where the second method comes in.

Still, it is up to you to decide whether you want to delete files from the recycle bin or delete files permanently from the storage drive (Hard disk/SSD/Nvme or USB). If you already have some files that are very personal to you, then it is better to remove them permanently from your computer.

To make it easier, this article will explain to you both ways. Let us start with how to delete files permanently using a third party software.

How to delete files permanently using a third party software

There are plenty of software out there that you can use to completely erase files. While some of these are not free to use, there are also some free software that can do the job you want without the need to pay for it. Eraser is one of those software that is free to use without any restrictions; what’s best is that the developers are kind enough to update the software frequently.

How to use Eraser to remove files permanently

As the first step, download Eraser from here and install (download the latest version). After that, proceed to the following instructions to permanently remove whatever you want from your computer.

You can delete files for good with the use of Eraser in two different ways. First is by deleting files using its windows and the other one is deleting files by right clicking on them. Let’s get to know its easy way.

Method 01: Delete files permanently by right clicking on each file

You don’t need to open eraser each and every time to remove files completely. Instead, you can just delete the file or folder you want just by right clicking on it.

You can even erase files in the recycle bin this way. What you need to do is just to right click on the file that you want to delete and select Eraser > and then Erase.

Method 02: Delete files permanently by Eraser’s Task option

To delete files using Eraser’s Window, you have to open Eraser application from the desktop icon or use the search option in Windows.

Then, Press CTRL + N or select new task from the Erase schedule.

Eraser is so useful that it can even delete files based on how you scheduled it. Let’s say there is something you store on your computer and you want to delete it in 2 days. You can simply schedule the date when you want the file to be deleted so even you forget about it, Eraser will do the job for you.

But in the image below, I will select Run immediately. Once you select a specific method, click Add Data.

Here, you can select which data you want to delete permanently. From the Target type, choose whether you want to delete files or files inside a folder; you can also select files inside the Recycle Bin. Once you selected the target, choose the files or folder you want to delete using the browse button, then click OK. If you selected the Files in Folder option, you can keep the folder after you delete the files by unchecking the Delete the folder if empty option.

Keep the erase method as default (best method) or you can set it to US Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M(ECE), Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, German VSITR or Schneider’s Algorithm, which are the other best erasing methods that can make the file unrecoverable. Read more

After selecting everything, click on Ok button twice to begin the process of erasing the files permanently from your computer.

If you get any error or you need to know more about how to use the Eraser software, leave a comment below so that I can provide assistance.

How to delete files from the Recycle Bin

We all know that by default, if we delete a file or a folder, it automatically moves to the Recycle Bin. And of course, if you want it gone, you have to delete it from the Recycle Bin too. That is how Windows prevents the file deletion from cases of accidental deletions. Thus, if you want to delete files completely without moving them to Recycle Bin by just one click or button, there are 3 ways:

  1. Disable the Recycle Bin
  2. Use a shortcut to delete files without moving them to recycle bin (Shift + Delete)
  3. Use CMD to delete files (even undeletable files)

How to use a shortcut to remove files completely

You can easily delete files from your computer without moving them to Recycle Bin. What you need to do is to select the file and press Shift + Delete buttons on your keyboard. After that, click Yes on the confirmation window. Easy, right?

How to disable the Recycle Bin

It is not recommended to disable the Recycle Bin because if you delete something accidently, you cannot retrieve it file without using a recovery software, and even the chances are low that you can actually recover the file. But, if you really want to get rid of the Recycle Bin, then follow the steps below:

Go to the Recycle Bin properties by right click on it.

Select “Don’t move files to the recycle bin. Remove files immediately when deleted” option as shown in image.

Still, I recommend to keep the “Display confirmation dialog” option so you can check if you got the correct file before deleting it.

How to delete undeletable files using Command Prompt

You will definitely find this very useful when you happen to delete some file and if it doesn’t work, in case something like in the image happens, open the Command Prompt in administrator mode and execute the command as given below.

DEL /F /Q Filepath

Copy the code and paste it on the Command Prompt, and then replace the “filepath” with the file’s path you want to delete. After that, press enter to execute the code and delete the file.

Take a screenshot or copy what you got. You will need this in the future.

If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to leave a comment. I am always here to help you.

In case you delete any important files accidently, check this out!

How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10 – Free

Do you want to know how to make animated stickers for WhatsApp on your Android/iOS device but don’t know how to do it? Maybe you tried a bunch of different apps and all of them didn’t work.

Well, in that case I’m glad to tell you that you are in the right place! I will help you create your own animated stickers for WhatsApp easily in only takes 2 minutes or even less than that! All you need to do is to follow the steps I have enumerated below so you can come up with your own animated stickers that you can send to your friends right away and make your chatting experience fun and friendlier.

Who wouldn’t agree that chatting with stickers is fun. And, what makes it more entertaining is that animated stickers, unlike GIF, don’t need to be tapped each time you use them. Simply put, animated stickers are played automatically so it’s easier to use them.

Before scrolling down, refer to the Table of Contents to find out the method on how to make animated stickers depending on the type of your device. If you are an iOS user, go to iOS guide from here.

Make Animated Stickers for WhatsApp – Android

Android users can easily make animated stickers using an Android App called “Animated Sticker Maker“. You can use GIF or video files to make animated stickers for WhatsApp using this app.

Make animated stickers using Animated Sticker Maker

Animated Sticker Maker is a great app to make animated stickers for WhatsApp. You can create a sticker pack of your own and add stickers to the pack you create and use them in chatting. As I said earlier, this app allows you to make animated stickers using GIFs or videos. You can also discover stickers created by other users – which is great when finding awesome stickers.

To make animated stickers, download and install Animated Sticker Maker from Google Playstore.

After that, open and follow the steps below to make awesome animated stickers using Animated Sticker Maker app.

Open the app and create a sticker pack

Before making animated stickers, you need to create a sticker pack. You can create a sticker pack by tapping the plus (+) sign icon on the bottom of you Android device screen.

And then, you will be asked to allow access to the storage. You must hit allow so you can make stickers and add them to WhatsApp. If you want, you can simply disable this once you added stickers to WhatsApp.

Don’t forget to give a name to your sticker pack and provide your name as well for the author’s name. The author’s name will show up in the community section once you create the sticker pack. If you don’t like your real name to be shown under Community tab, just give a made-up name then. After which, tap on the “CREATE” button to create the sticker pack.

Import a file to make new animated sticker

Once you create sticker pack, you can add files when you are inside a sticker pack to make animated stickers. To do that, tap on the “+” sign icon from the bottom right corner of your device.

A list of methods will now show up and you can choose from the list of methods whenever you are going to import a file. If you have a video file, you can use it there. If you don’t have any video file or GIF file, you can import your desired GIF online from GIPHY database.

Since I don’t have any video file to create a new sticker, I will choose the “Import GIF Online” option.

Edit the Video/GIF you imported and hit save

After you import a file, you can edit what you imported. You can use these options to edit the sticker:

  • Background Eraser – You can erase the background of the video/GIf you imported. This app use a third party online service to automatically remove the background.; therefore, you need to have internet access to do this.
  • Crop: You can crop the animated sticker using the Crop tool
  • Write: You can add a text that matches your sticker.

For the purpose of this guide, I will just add a text to the sticker I have created and save it by tapping the Save button on top left corner.

Add the sticker pack to WhatsApp

Once you’re done editing the sticker you created, you can tap save from the top left corner. The app will convert the file you imported into a sticker.

When the conversion process is done, you can add the sticker pack to WhatsApp easily using the “ADD TO WHATSAPP” option.

Note: This app require the latest version of WhatsApp (Version or above) to add stickers. It may not work if your WhatsApp version is old which means, if any error occur, update your WhatsApp to its latest version available on Play Store.

After updating my WhatsApp version, I restarted the app and successfully added the stickers I have created on WhatsApp.

Now, you can go to WhatsApp to check if the sticker pack you made is added. If it is not added, then try to check for any WhatsApp updates on Playstore and retry adding the sticker pack.

Enjoy using the animated stickers you created!

Booyah! You have finally created the animated stickers and added them successfully to WhatsApp. Now, you need to check whether the stickers have been added to the WhatsApp. To do that, open one of your WhatsApp chats, go to stickers and check whether the stickers are added to your sticker section.

How to Make Animated Stickers for WhatsApp – iOS

Woman typing on mobile phone

Now, iOS users, like Android users, can also create personalized animated stickers for WhatsApp. If you are an iOS user, you only have to install the app called “” and start making amazing animated stickers on your own! also has a community where stickers are being added by its users every day! Also, you can use GIF, text or video to make animated stickers for WhatsApp using this friendly sticker maker app.

As the first step, download from Appstore and follow the steps below to create animated stickers.

Open and select animated sticker

Once installed, open the app and tap on the plus (“+”) sign icon on bottom of the screen to create a new sticker.

Then, make sure to select the “animated” option to create a new animated sticker.

Choose a media file to create animated stickers

After, you can choose a media file to create animated stickers. You can select a media file on your device or use a GIF from Tenor GIF database. Moreover, you can even make fantastic animated text stickers.

Since I don’t have a good enough media file on my device, I will make a sticker using a GIF from Tenor.

Edit the sticker you have created

Once you selected a media file to create a sticker, you can edit it from the editing window. In here, you can remove the background or crop the sticker. You can leave this if you don’t want to edit the sticker and tap on “next” from the top right portion of the window.

Add Tags and add the sticker to a sticker pack

Tags are not necessary if you don’t want to add the sticker to the community but, you can add them if you want. After that tap on “Save“.

The app will ask you to add the sticker you created to a Sticker pack. If you haven’t created a sticker pack yet, you can simply make one by clicking the “+New Pack” option.

Give a name to the Sticker pack and tap save

You have to give a name to the sticker pack and a name for its creator. You can also let others find your sticker pack by allowing search option. If you don’t like to, just disable the Allow search and tap on “Create” to make the sticker pack and assign the sticker you created.

Add the sticker to WhatsApp

Now, you can add your sticker pack or the sticker you created to WhatsApp and freely use it. To add a Sticker pack, you need to have at least 3 stickers inside the sticker pack.

For your sticker to be added on WhatsApp, choose the sticker you want to add first and after that, select “Add to WhatsApp“. After you completed these simple steps, you can go to WhatsApp and check if the sticker is working.

Note: Leave a comment if you have any trouble adding stickers to WhatsApp.

How to Get Animated Stickers for WhatsApp (Android/iOS)

If you want to get animated stickers rather than creating them yourself, these are the options where you can get animated stickers for WhatsApp.

Get animated/non-animated stickers from Playstore (Android)

Play Store has a lot of apps that have tons of pre-made animated stickers and non-animated stickers you can download and add to WhatsApp. Here, I have listed 6 apps that have awesome stickers:

Get animated/non-animated stickers from Apple Store (iOS)

If you are an iOS user, here are the apps that you can use to add animated/non-animated stickers to WhatsApp:

Have you got better apps than these? Leave a comment below so I can update this guide to give the best to the readers.

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Did you try to install or open a program and ended up getting “This app has been blocked for your protection” error? Well then, this guide will certainly help you to fix this issue.

But before we get into that, make sure the program or file you are trying to install/open is reputed and safe to use. If it is a program, you can use google to check whether the program is safe to use.

Since there are several ways to solve this problem, I will explain every single method in detailed steps using images. So if you can’t do it in one way, you will be able to do it in another way.

How to Fix “this app has been blocked for your protection” Error

In the beginning of this guide, I mentioned that you should make sure the file or program you are trying to open is safe to use because there is a reason why Windows doesn’t let you open/install the program and shows “This app has been blocked for your protection” error instead. Here are the possible scenarios:

  • Windows security system has detected the file is malicious or it has a malicious behavior.
  • The program’s digital signature is expired or revoked.
  • You are not logged into the administrative account to open the file/program.

If you encounter none of the above-mentioned reasons and you are sure about the program/file then, you can solve this problem by simply following the methods below. I will start with an easy way that will work for almost everyone.

1. Disable Reputation-Based Protection in Windows Security

First, you can try disabling Reputation-based protection inside the app and browser control settings in Windows Security (also known as Windows Defender). To do that, follow the steps below:

Open Windows Security

On the bottom right corner of the taskbar, click on “show hidden icons” menu and open Windows Security or go to taskbar search option to open Windows Security.

Go to App & browser control

Once you open the Windows Security, go to App & browser control from the left side menu.

Go to Reputation-based protection settings

After you open App & browser control, go to the Reputation-based protection settings (see the image below).

Note: Old Windows 10 versions don’t have this Reputation based protection section. All the settings you need to change will be inside the App & browser control.

Turn off these settings in the Reputation-based protection settings

Now, you need to turn off these settings:

  • Check apps and files
  • Smart screen for Microsoft Edge
  • Potentially unwanted app blocking
  • Smart screen for Microsoft Store Apps (not necessary if the app is not from Microsoft Store )

See the image above and make sure you did everything I stated. Also, don’t forget to re-enable these settings once you get the job done; otherwise, it will affect your computer’s security. If this method doesn’t work, keep this settings turned off and go to the second method. That may work for you with the combination of the first method.

2. Disable app blocking from its properties

If the first method didn’t work then, try this method with the first method. In this method we disable the Windows smart screen blocking from properties of the program/file you want to open.

Go to the properties of the program/file you want to open

Go to the file, right click on the file and click on “properties“.

Check the “unblock” option in-front of the Security under General tab

From the properties tab, click on general tab and under that tab, check the “unblock” option.

This method or the one above should work for everyone. But, there can be some cases where none of these methods work at all. For such instances, you can try the other methods given below. These methods can be tricky so please follow the instructions carefully. Take a good look at the images given to better understand the steps.

2. Use Command Prompt to get rid of “This app has been blocked for your protection” Error

You can use the command prompt to force the operating system to open/run the file you want. You don’t need to turn off Windows Security features to do this method. Just follow the step below:

Run Command Prompt as Administrator

Search “cmd” in the taskbar search. Once results appear, run CMD as administrator, right click on it or from the right panel of the search results.

Execute a Command to Open the Program/file Through CMD

This is the tricky part of this method so make sure to carefully follow the instructions below.

Locate the file you want to open and copy its location

Once you locate the file/program, use the address bar on the top of the windows and click on it. The location will be then highlighted, right click on it and copy the location.

Paste the file location inside the command prompt

After that, go to the command prompt type open and close quotation marks (“”) and paste the location you copied inside them. You can use the right mouse button to do that (or press CTRL + V).

Type the file name, extension and hit enter

Type “\” after the last letter of the file path. Then copy the program/file name with its extension and then paste it after “\”. After that, hit enter button to open the file/program.

If any error occurred inside the command prompt, check whether you typed the commands correctly.

4. Change local group policy settings (Restart required)

You can disable a UAC security setting to bypass the app protection. Unlike the other methods, you have to restart the computer after changing the setting. By keeping that in mind, follow the steps below:

Open local group policy editor from search

Go to search in the taskbar and type local group policy editor. The result will appear, and open the policy editor from it.

Go to Security Options inside the Local policies

In the local group policy editor, navigate to:

Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options

Disable UAC control

Once you are in the security options, find “User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin” from the right side panel and double click on it to edit values.

Then the Local Security Settings for “User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin” will open and in there, check the disabled option and apply button.

Once you changed the settings, a message will appear to restart your computer. You have to restart you computer in order to apply the changes. After the restart, you can try opening the file/program that you want.

5. Disable UAC settings from Registry Editor (restart required)

You can disable UAC settings using the Registry Editor. To do that, first of all open the registry editor from Search option. Try searching “regedit“.

Locate UAC registry in Registry Editor

After you open Registry Editor, navigate to:


If you couldn’t find it, just copy the path and paste it in the Registry Editor (see the image).

Find “EnableLUA” register and edit it

Once in there, find “EnableLUA” and open it by double clicking on it. Then, change its value data to “0” then click the OK button.

After that, exit from registry settings and restart the computer. After the restart, try to open the file/program.

If you are still getting “this app has been blocked for your protection” error. Please leave a comment below so I can help you.

More Info: Microsoft Website

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Deleting files by mistake or by some other unintentional ways is something that usually happens to all of us. I, myself, have also dealt with the same unpleasant experience whenever I use computers.

Recovering files is not the same as deleting them; and, the thing is, some files may never be recovered at all. Accidentally deleted files cause headache especially if those files are of high importance, need to be submitted urgently, or works that we have spent most of our days and nights. Whatever reason it is, the more that we need not to fail to recover them. Don’t lose hope cause the chance of retrieving a newly deleted file is very high! This article will help you.

To recover deleted files in Windows 10 Here, I used a free software. You can go along with me and follow every step given below to recover deleted files in your windows 10 PC.

Recover Deleted Files In Windows 10 Using Recuva (Free Version)

Recuva is a free software and there is also a pro version of it. But, its free version has everything you need. What you loose when use it for free are Virtual hard drive support, Automatic updates and Premium support. The decision is yours if ever you want to purchase it to get all the features of Recuva Pro.

Download Recuva from here

Install Recuva & Open it

To recover deleted files from your Windows 10 PC, first you need to install Recuva. You can install Recuva in two different ways.

  1. Quick install
  2. Custom install

Custom Install

You can go with the custom install if you want to stop creating desktop shortcuts, start menu entries etc.. After selecting the options click on “Install“.

Once installed, uncheck the box “View Release notes” and then click on “Run Recuva“.

In the first initiation, Recuva wizard will be opened. Using the wizard, you can choose which file types you want to recover and where to scan. Do not close it and continue with the wizard by clicking the “Next” button.

Choose the file type to search

If you want to recover a specific file from your Windows 10 PC, you can select it here. Selecting a file type can reduce the scan time a lot. But, if you want to recover multiple files such as photos, videos, etc., select the “all files” option and click on Next button to go to the next step.

Select file location

You can select the location where the file was deleted; you can also save a lot of time if you remember the exact disk or path where the file was. However, you can select the “I am not sure” option so Recuva will scan everywhere in your hard drive to recover the selected file/s in the previous step. Once choose, click on Next button.

Deep scan

Make sure to enable this to get better results. Deep scan will scan every file that has been deleted from your computer. Take note that this will take much longer time than a normal scanning process; hence, the need to prepare yourself to keep your computer turned on until the scan is finish is very vital in this.

Since deep scan take longer time (maybe more than an hour), you can go first with the normal scan, and if you did find nothing, you can perform a deep scan.

Wait until the scan finish

If you did the above-mentioned steps correctly, then the scan should perform well and now you only have to wait until it gets completed. As mentioned earlier, keep the computer turned on.

Depending on the scan method and options you choose, it will take approximately 1 minute-3 hours to complete the scan. Recuva doesn’t use much computer resources so you can do other works on your computer without encountering any problem.

After completing the scan

Once the scan is completed, search result windows will appear. In case you get any error like this, do not panic. You can learn why this error occur from here . Until then, just ignore the error for now and let’s focus on the scan results you get.

Understand Recuva Scan Results

Based on the scan results, you can see that the files with some weird file names are labeled with different colors (status). Let us first identify what each of these colors mean.

  • Green Color : Excellent condition – Recoverable
  • Orange Color : Poor/Very poor condition – Recoverable
  • Red Color : Unrecoverable (you can recover the file but it may not in usable condition)

These status are not 100% accurate. But, we can get an idea based on these colors whether a file has the chance to be recovered or none at all. In short, these colors indicate how many times the file has been overwritten by another file. Take a look at the data given below:

  • Green color – No overwrites
  • Orange color – Some overwrites
  • Red color – Too much overwrites

Therefore, the higher the overwrites, the less chance it is usable.

In addition, you can see more details about the file as:

  • Path : Where was the file when it got deleted
  • Last modified : The date that the file was lastly modified (very useful when finding files)
  • Size : Size of the file (useful to find large files [Zip, Video])
  • State : Recoverable state of a file
  • Comment : Whether the file is overwritten or not

The reason to explain this is that you can sort-out the scan result using these (You just need to click on one of these tabs). It will be very easy for you to recover your deleted files.

Let’s get started and recover deleted files in your Windows 10 PC!

Recover deleted files in Windows 10 from the scan results

You can recover files while you’re on the basic mode, but let’s switch to advanced mode so you can recover specific file types using the search box.

How to Sort-Out Search Results to Get Files Quickly

Once you are in the advanced mode, you can easily find the file/s you want by sorting the results. Here is how:

01 – A search box will be available on the top-right of the window and from there, you can search your files through their names. However, I recommend you to select the file type of the file that you want to recover from the dropdown list you want to recover it from because the file name might have been changed after the deletion.

02 – If you remember the location of the file before it was deleted, then you can use this drop down list and select the disk. It will narrow down the search results so you can easily find it.

03 – You can use these columns to further sort-out the scan results (by file size, by its status).

04 – You can see a preview of some files(Images) once you click on the file.

How to Restore a File From the Search Results

You can select a single file or multiple files to restore.

To select multiple files, check the small box on the left portion of the file name (pointed using a red arrow). Once you selected all the files, right click and select “recover checked”. Or click on the “Recover” button on the bottom right corner (pointed using a blue arrow)

To restore a single file, just simply select the file, right click, then select “recover highlighted”. Or click on the “Recover” button on the bottom right corner (pointed using a blue arrow)

Afterwards, a windows will open and will ask where to store the recovered files. In this case, avoid restoring files to the same disk. Then click on the “OK” button.

A small confirmation windows will open once the restoration is done. Now, you can check the recovered files.

To sum it up, the chance of successfully recovering a file varies depending on the situation. If the file is really damaged, then you don’t stand the slightest chance of getting it back even you use the best recovery software. But for some cases, using a better program would be able to recover that file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover any deleted file in Windows 10 using this software?

You can recover any file type using this software. You can easily find the file you want to recover from the search bar in the advanced mode once the results appear.

Is it safe to use data recovery software?

When using a reputed software like Recuva, your data and hardware are safe. Make sure your hard drive is not corrupted because recovering data from a corrupted hard drive may cause issues. If you want some more info, simply leave a comment below.

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Windows Digital license or Windows 10 digital activation if I say in more specific, is a term that we can see when we are going to activate Windows 10.

There are plenty of benefits you can get by properly activating Windows 10 rather than by just using it without an activation. Activating Windows 10 will allow the user to have more personalization options and better security.

To activate Windows 10, there are two (2) methods: one is Product key activation, and the other one is Digital activation. Which is explained in this article. 

Questions? No worries cause this got you covered!

What is Windows 10 Digital License?

As mentioned above, Windows 10 digital activation (Digital license) is a method of activating Windows 10. Like the Product key activation.

In Windows 8.1 and 7, there was only one way to activate them and that is to use a product key. But, in Windows 10, you can activate it without the use of a product key (one of the reasons why it is called the Digital Activation).

Most of the time, it doesn’t contain any key. You can buy the license online, and after you purchase it, it will activate you computer automatically.

The most important thing you need to know is that the windows 10 digital activation or the product key activation purchase will be associated with your computer’s motherboard once it’s activated.

Therefore, if you make a significant hardware change, you will have to reactivate Windows 10 manually in accordance to the activation method you followed.

How do I know what Windows 10 license I have?

Windows is not activated

If your Windows 10 copy is already activated and you want to check whether it’s a digital activation a Product key activation, just click the button below or go to:

In there you will see the activation status of your Windows 10 computer (see the image above). Now check which one among these appeared there.

Activation StatusIts Meaning
Windows is activatedYour windows is activated with the use of a product key, but a Microsoft account is not linked
Windows is activated with a digital licenseYour Windows is activated with the use of a digital license. Microsoft account is not linked to the digital license
Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft accountYour windows is activated with the use of a digital license. Microsoft account is linked to the digital license

But if it’s something like this, then your windows 10 PC is not activated properly. Therefore you are using a non-genuine copy of Windows 10 in your computer.

windows is not activated

Keep in mind that using a non-genuine copy of Windows 10 is violating Microsoft’s license agreement. For more information, read Microsoft’s software license terms: Windows operating systems

If you do not want to read the entire document, go and see the section you want to read from here: Benefits of activating Windows 10

Difference Between Windows 10 Digital Activation and Product Key Activation

There are two(2) things that make Windows 10 digital activation different from product key activation;

  1. How you purchased the Windows 10 license.
  2. How you can reactivate Windows 10 after a hardware change.

1. The way you Purchase/Upgrade Windows 10 License will determine whether you get Windows 10 Digital license

purchase windows 10 from Microsoft store app

The way you purchasing/upgrading Windows 10 license/activation will determine whether you are getting Windows 10 digital activation or Windows 10 product key activation.

If you purchase windows 10 from:

  • Microsoft Store App
  • A seller who sells digital copies (keys)


  • Upgrading your genuinely activated Windows 7 or 8.1 copy to Windows 10 for free.
  • Being a Windows Insider and upgrading to the newest Windows 10 Insider Preview build on an eligible device that was running an activated earlier version of Windows and Windows 10 Preview.
  • Upgrade your Windows 10 Home to pro from the Microsoft Store app.

Then you will get Windows 10 digital license activation for you Windows copy.

How to Reactivate Windows 10 After a Hardware Change.

Windows 10 digital activation troubleshooter

The second thing that makes Windows 10 digital activation different from product key activation is the method you should follow to reactivate Windows 10 once you change your computer’s motherboard.

As I said earlier, once activated Windows 10, your license will be associated with your computer’s motherboard. Therefore it will automatically reactivate even after you reinstall Windows 10 on the same computer

But when you have to change your computer’s motherboard or send your computer to a repair shop, If your motherboard removed, your windows 10 activation will be revoked because of the motherboard replacement.

if such a thing happens, you have to reactivate Windows 10 once again manually. So the method you should follow to reactivate Windows 10 will be depend on the activation you had (digital license activation/product key activation)

You can see how to do that at the end of this article.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 10 Digital license activation

advantages and disadvantages of windows 10 digital license


The biggest advantage of Windows 10 digital activation is that you can purchase it for a lower price compared to a box of Windows 10 copy.

There are Windows 10 digital license keys that are as cheap as $15, which you will never be able to see in a local store or from the Microsoft Official Website.

One of the possible reasons behind its low price is that some sellers sell Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) keys – which is not actually an illegal way to purchase and activate Windows 10.

Once you activate Windows 10 with one of those OEM keys, you can get a digital entitlement for your copy of Windows 10 right away. And again, this is the cheapest possible way to activate Windows 10 today.


There is no remarkable disadvantage when it comes to the Windows 10 digital activation. The thing you need to know and to remember is that you must add a Microsoft account with your digital license; otherwise, you won’t be able to reactivate Windows 10 after a significant hardware (motherboard) change.

Reactivate Windows 10 Digital license After a Motherboard Change

If you are lookin to get a digital license, it is insanely important to know how to reactivate in the event of a hardware change to save your money from spending to buy another license.

So if you don’t know how to add a Microsoft account to your computer, click on the link here. Because your Microsoft account will be the key to reactivate your computer after a significant hardware change.

After adding a Microsoft account, from the link above you can also know what you need to do to reactivate Windows 10.

Although you can use Windows 10 Operating System without a license, there are a few yet likable benefits of activating Windows 10 you won’t get when it’s unactivated.

So, if your copy of Windows 10 is not activated yet or you just activated your Windows 10 recently and you want to know what are the benefits you get by spending your money on activating Windows 10, then, keep reading! You will find everything you need to know in this article.

What Are the Benefits of Activating Windows 10

Before you go any further, remember that the benefits of activating Windows 10 can change from time to time; therefore, this article will keep you posted on the changes in the features of an activated Windows 10. For now, here are the benefits that you can get as of 2021/04:

01. Personalization settings will be unlocked

windows 10 personalization setting is greyed out

One of the main benefits of activating Windows 10 is that you can get all the options and features in the personalization settings.

You know very well that you cannot change wallpapers, windows colors and themes the way you want on an unactivated Windows 10 because the personalization settings is greyed out.

But, once you decided to activate your Windows 10, all the features will be unlocked and you will be able to personalize your Windows 10 PC in any way you want it.

Below are the options you get in the personalization feature once you activate Windows 10:

  • Wallpaper
  • Colors
  • Themes
  • Lock screen
  • Fonts

02. “Activate Windows” watermark will be removed

activate windows watermark

This is not actually a benefit of activating Windows 10; hence, it is more like something you want to get rid of once you activate your Windows 10.

Surely, the watermark is such a nuisance to you if you are using Windows 10 for free; especially when you play computer games or watch movies.

To address this concern, there are some other ways to remove “Activate Windows” watermark without the need to activate Windows 10, but none of them are long term solutions, plus the fact that they also violate Microsoft Terms and Conditions.

Read Microsoft’s Software License terms from here

03. You will get optional updates addition to the critical updates

windows 10 optional updates

While unactivated Windows 10 users only get critical updates, users of activated Windows 10 can get all the critical updates and optional updates as well.

This might seem not a big deal since you can receive all the critical updates that your Windows 10 PC needs, but OS activation makes Windows 10 more stable. It is because, like driver updates, it keep all your devices, with your Windows 10 PC, properly working all the time.

04. Security improvements

activate windows now

Some of you might think that the use of inauthentic operating systems will not cause any security problems.

If you think it that way, then you are wrong. Using an unactivated Windows 10 or any Windows operating system can put your device at risk.

Here is what Microsoft says;

Running a non-genuine copy of Windows can put you at greater risk for viruses and other security threats

Therefore, the best thing to do is to activate your device and ensure your device is well-secured from viruses and other threats.

How Long Can You Use Windows 10 Without Activation

microsoft store windows 10 pro

Mentioned earlier in this article are the benefits of activating Windows 10, and now you know that there are only a few benefits you can get once you decide to activate your Windows 10. So, it is up to you whether you want to spend your money to activate Windows 10 or not.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Windows 10 activation;

  1. How long can you use Windows 10 without activation?
  2. Is it illegal to use Windows 10 without activating it?
  3. What can you do about an unactivated Windows?

Using Windows 10 Without Activation (How Long You Can Use Unactivated Windows 10)

Microsoft did not state in its license agreement or on its website that Windows 10 cannot be used for free. In short, you can use it as long as you want to.

And, with the exception of some features mentioned above, everything that can be done on an activated Windows 10 OS can also be done on an unactivated Windows 10 OS.

Is it illegal to use Windows 10 without activate?

Is it illegal to use Windows 10 without activate
Right click and select open in new tab to see the image more clearly

If you are worried about using Windows 10 without activating it, the information below are very useful for you to know.

Microsoft did not impose any restrictions on using Windows 10 without activating it. As mentioned above in this article, you can use it but with limited features and the “Windows 10 not activated” watermark might bother you.

Nonetheless, you have to keep in mind that using an unactivated Windows 10 does not comply with Microsoft’s license agreement. (Click here to read the Windows License Agreement)

So, if you are concerned about going against Microsoft’s License Agreement, you can simply purchase a product key or digital license (entitlement) and enjoy all the benefits of an activated Windows 10.

Myths of Using Windows 10 Without Activation

Myths of Using Windows 10 Without Activation

So far, you are acquainted with the benefits of activating Windows 10 and the things that can happen if you use an unactivated Windows 10.

To equip you with more knowledge on these, here are some of the myths that a lot of people believe into about the use of an unactivated Windows 10.

Does Unactivated Windows 10 Run Slower?

does unactivated windows 10 run slower

One of the most commonly heard myths is that Microsoft deliberately slows down on an unactivated Windows 10.

So, to check whether it is one of the benefits of activating Windows 10, a performance test was conducted between an unactivated Windows 10 PC and an activated Windows 10 PC; both of the PCs have the same specifications.

During the test, there was no observable difference in terms of performance of both PCs used. They both performed the same.

So, the bottom line is that there is no slowing down that happens when you use an unactivated Windows 10 Operating System.

Is an Unactivated Windows 10 Safe?

is pirated windows 10 safe

Some people think that the risk of malwares and other security threats on a PC using an unactivated Windows 10 is higher than the risks on a PC that has an activated Windows 10.

Since there are no reliable tests conducted like the previous one (Does Unactivated Windows 10 Make PC Run Slower), we cannot say for sure if such a thing is true or not.

But, what can be guaranteed is that your PC is safe as long as you are careful in using internet and also wary of the external devices such as USB flash drives, external hard drives, etc. that you use to insert in your PC.

How to Activate Microsoft Windows 10

Up to this section of the article, you are already well aware of the benefits of activating Windows 10, and whether you can use Windows 10 without activating it for a long time, and some of the myths about using an unactivated Windows 10.

After reading all of this, now you might be thinking of activating your Windows 10 copy and get all of its benefits.

If so, you can use the below link & go to the article to know the methods of activating Windows 10.

Find Your Product Key

I think I got all your questions covered regarding the benefits of activating Windows 10. Have a nice day!

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